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A Professional CCTV Application with the Power to View, Record, Play Back and Administer Video and Audio Over IP Networks.

Mobilcomm is an Authorized Integrator and Reseller for IndigoVision video to IP products. IndigoVision units convert analog video into IP (Internet Protocol) to allow IP video transport on wired and wireless networks. The IndigoVision products are perfectly suited to the bandwidth limitations in a wireless network. While other brands say they can limit bandwidth, our tests have shown their actual bandwidth used far exceeds their settings!

Centralized Video Surveillance

As today’s security needs become more demanding and agencies consolidate to reduce expenses, the demand for centralized video monitoring has increased. As your Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system evolves into an Open Circuit Television (OCTV) system, your video cameras will communicate via IP (the Internet Protocol language) where they can be viewed, recorded and controlled from anywhere in the world!

Adapting your existing cameras to IP Video is the best migration path to OCTV. Today’s analog cameras utilize custom zoom lens and have better low light characteristics than the current IP camera offerings. Analog cameras are priced lower than equivalent IP cameras, yet they require a separate video to IP converter. An effective Video to IP converter utilizes video compression techniques that allow the highest quality video at the lowest possible network bandwidth. The best analog video to IP converters available today are manufactured by IndigoVision.

IP cameras typically require more than 4 times the network bandwidth to achieve the same video quality as an IndigoVision IP Video stream. Utilizing (new or existing) industry standard analog cameras, IndigoVision units convert analog video into an IP Video stream. The IP Video stream can be recorded (at IP level) on a Network Video Recorder or a second IndigoVision unit can convert the IP Video stream back to an analog video output to connect existing analog input DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) or video monitors.

Live Video

You can view, control, and record your camera over the Internet (or private IP network) by installing the Control Center and NVR (Network Video Recorder) demonstration software on your computer or server. The NVR demonstration software allows you to record 1 camera IP Video stream with industry leading search features including direction of motion and appearance/disappearance.

For cameras connected through the Internet, IndigoVision units support multiple IP Video streams. This allows you to record your camera as low as 32kbps at 1fps (frame per second) while simultaneously viewing and controlling your camera live up to 4096kbps at 30fps. (Mobilcomm recommends 256kbps at 15fps for Internet viewing.) "Webcam" still images (jpeg) can be viewed on your web page or mobile device. Custom software is available for live camera viewing on your web site.

IndigoVision's VB8000 units are the ONLY licensed MPEG-4 IP Video/Audio products that GUARANTEE bandwidth control, frame rate and quality in bandwidth critical local or Wireless IP networks. Industry first features include ACF (Activity Controlled FrameRate) which (after 20 seconds of no video motion) reduces the video stream to 1 frame per second. This reduces bandwidth needs and NVR (Network Video Recorder ) storage requirements by a factor of 10. VB8000 4SIF (720 x 480 pixels) can be used for video streaming allowing broadcast quality video and stereo audio across an IP network or the Internet!

Complete solutions include a Network Video Recorder and Control Center Software. Other features include CD quality full duplex stereo audio, serial connections used for camera Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ), and binary inputs/relay outputs that can be utilized for door access control or activity monitoring functions.

"Plug and Play Configuration" Kits are shipped fully programmed and wired. You (or your service provider) mount the equipment, connect to 120VAC power and your IP network (or the Internet), and install software on your computer using the instructions in our Tutorial. Mobilcomm recommends Mission Critical customers use a reliable private IP network (in place of the public Internet).

All Software is included with purchase. A complete line of Cameras and Accessories including night vision, license plate capture and covert wireless cameras are available through 877.4IP.Video..

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