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Network Video Recorders

NVR FD500 / FD1000 / FD1500 with integrated disks

NVR RD250 / RD500 / RD750 with removable disk

NVR RA1000 / RA1500 / RA2000 / RA3000 with RAID

IndigoVision offers a suite of Network Video Recorders to suit your requirements. Our Windows Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a Windows service that runs on a PC and records and manages live video recordings. Our family of Standalone Metwork Video Recorders provides a powerful and integrated recording and playback system for video and audio from transmitters and receivers, with a choice of integrated or removable disks.

All Standalone IndigoVision NVRs can be rack- or desk-mounted and require no additional hardware for operation. They can be located at any point on a network allowing recording and playback across multiple sites regardless of location. A system can deploy as many NVRs as required. Remote NVR management and configuration is performed using an intuitive web-based configuration interface which forms part of IndigoVision’s Control Center software.

  • All IndigoVision NVRs record synchronized video and audio. SIF, 2SIF and 4SIF resolutions are all supported, with no upgrades required. Recordings can be configured to start at specific times or in response to alarms. They can then run for a fixed duration or until a specified time; alternatively, they can also be started immediately by an operator.
  • Once recorded, video cannot be altered, ensuring the audit trail is intact for evidential purposes. Recordings exported from Control Center are protected by a watermark and a digital signature. NVRs automatically manage the available disk space using policies defined by the administrator.
  • Standalone NVRs can be accessed simultaneously locally or remotely by any number of users using Control Center, and have a built-in firewall which can be used to restrict access to authorized users.
  • There are no special network or cabling requirements which means they can be run over existing company networks without degradation.
  • Multiple streams can be used without a drop in frame rates - unlike analog multiplexors, the frame rate of each stream is independent; all streams can be full frame rate if required. For NVRs RD250 / RD500 / RD750, the estimated gap between recordings when changing disks is 15 seconds.
  • There is no limit to the number of disks that can be cycled through the NVRs. For NVRs RD250 / RD500 / RD750, configuration is stored in flash memory so recording configuration is kept with the unit, not the disk.
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