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PTZ IP Dome Cameras

IndigoVision has developed a range of market-leading dedicated PTZ IP Dome Cameras for internal and external applications. The units are compatible with IndigoVision's Control Center Video and Alarm Management software and its range of Network Video Recorders (NVRs). This latest addition to be added to IndigoVision's integrated IP Video solution represents the world's first high-end PTZ IP Dome Cameras.

The domes incorporate a high quality Sony camera module, robust pan, tilt and zoom mechanisms and IndigoVision's world-leading MPEG-4 encoder technology. Two versions are available; internal and external, with options for wall mounting, ceiling mounting and flush mounting on false ceilings.

These new dome cameras enable simple and easy deployment of IP based video systems as they only require local power and a single CAT 5 cable connection to the network. IndigoVision's integrated solution also allows advanced features such as Activity Controlled Framerate (ACF) and camera-based Analytics to be deployed in the dome itself - a feature not normally available on stand-alone IP cameras. Incorporating these types of features within the camera provides the user and system with many benefits.

For example, they reduce the bandwidth and NVR storage requirements during periods of scene inactivity and allow the user to deploy advanced analytics to identify events as they occur in real-time. This, coupled with the advanced search tools available for recorded video in Control Center, provides the best of both worlds for the operator - facilities that can only really be implemented with an integrated IP Video solution.

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