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Recording & Playback

Read about the following features:

The standard video playback controls, calendar and jog/speed shuttle allow for easy navigation of recorded footage.

Click image to see interface in more detail

Control Center manages recordings from hundreds of cameras recorded on one or more IndigoVision Network Video Recorder(s). The NVRs used can either be the Windows NVR or our Standalone NVR 200 series.

Windows Network Video Recorder

IndigoVision’s Windows Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a Windows service that runs on a PC and records and manages live video recordings. To configure and manage the NVR and its recordings, you can use the following:

  • Control Center
  • Client applications developed using the NVR

Recorded Video Display

Control Center allows users to display recorded video from up to 16 cameras at the same time. It also provides a set of powerful tools for reviewing recording footage and for quickly identifying vital evidence:

  • Jog/speed shuttle
  • Motion search with adjustable threshold
  • Thumbnails based on alarms, motion or time

The jog/speed shuttle includes frame-based single step forwards and backwards, and 16x speed at 240 fps. Motion search allows users to search through a period of recorded footage and measure motion as a percentage. Minor movement, such as that caused by animals or trees can be ignored. Typical search performance: 8 hours searched in under 5 minutes.

Automatic Storage Management

Network Video Recorders can be configured to delete recordings automatically by specifying a length of time that recordings should remain, or a minimum amount of disk space.

Recording Schedule

The recording schedule is used to specify when particular cameras should be recorded. Recording can occur all the time, or start at set times. It can also start when an alarm occurs, including one triggered by motion.

Multiple Camera Playback

Users can view recorded video from up to 16 cameras simultaneously on one PC. Playback can be simultaneous, and start from the same time for all cameras, or each camera can start playing back from a different time.

Multiple Recorders

Control Center can be used to manage and administer several NVRs in the same system. The operator need not be concerned about where recordings are stored.

Hidden Zones

Hidden zones (also known as privacy zones) are particular areas of a scene that are normally hidden for reasons of privacy. However, authorized personnel may sometimes need to view the whole scene, including these hidden areas. Control Center allows you to set areas in each camera scene which can be viewed only by authorized users, and specify whether they can view these areas in live and/or recorded video.

Here, areas of the scene which overlook private property have been hidden and are not visible to unauthorized users, in live or recorded video. Authorized users can choose to “reveal” the footage behind the Hidden Zone. They can record the entire footage, as the video is merely hidden, not deleted.

Exporting and Reviewing Incidents

Control Center allows users to export video from multiple cameras related to a single incident. The video relating to the incident can then be reviewed within the Incident Player application on a separate workstation.

The Incident Player application enables exported clips from multiple cameras to be reviewed at once and provides all the video review functionality available within Control Center, such as thumbnails, jog shuttle, motion search etc.


Thumbnails display still images taken from recorded video within the current range of the timeline. Thumbnails for 8 hours of footage are displayed in under a second.

Thumbnails make searching through large amounts of footage easy and efficient. Time-based thumbnails allow users to identify an event where the exact time is not known, for example, the theft of a car from a parking lot. Motion-based thumbnails are excellent for identifying events where there are many sources of, or varying amounts of motion.

Control Center's motion thumbnails


A watermark is added when exporting video sequences for evidential purposes. Control Center takes a digital signature of the sequence and watermarks this onto the video. This provides an extremely high level of security.

Motion Search

Control Center allows users to search through a recording and identify any significant motion that occurred during it. The user can specify which areas of the scene are to be observed or ignored when searching.

Click image to see interface in more detail

Control Center also provides intelligent motion search capability based on object size, direction of motion and appearance or disappearance of an object from a scene (museum mode).

Control Center can display bars on the video showing the current values calculated by the activity and analytics filters running on the transmitter, as well as current alarm thresholds.

Control Center's analytics bars

Control Center creates a motion profile, which is displayed in the timeline as a graph. Users can display thumbnails, which display images of significant motion within the time range shown in the timeline.

Motion profile displayed in timeline

Once Control Center has compiled a motion profile of a recording, users can search through it based on the motion found over the current threshold. This threshold can be changed at any time. Users can zoom in for a more detailed view of the profile, and can also skip directly backwards and forwards through the profile.

Alarm Counting

Users can display alarm counts on the playback timeline, with totals for each time division (alarms per minute, per hour, etc).

Alarm counts displayed in timeline

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