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The IndigoVision transmitter/receiver supports one camera or one monitor. This next generation MPEG-4/H.264 technology offers analog levels of quality at a choice of resolutions for the most demanding applications such as surveillance, identification and high speed movement. IndigoVision transmitters and receivers are used in conjunction with our other products including Control Center and NVRs.

  • Exceptional video and audio quality: Standalone transmitters introduce high quality and high compression MPEG-4 or H.264 video and audio to CCTV applications.
  • High Resolution / High Frame Rate Video: IndigoVision transmitters guarantee 25/30 frames per second at any resolution or bit rate including SIF, 2SIF and 4SIF resolutions.
  • MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) brings new levels of fidelity and frequency response to CCTV applications.
  • IndigoVision technology ensures smooth migration from analog to digital technology: converts existing analog-based CCTV to digital remote monitoring systems simply and cost-effectively without equipment obsolescence.
  • The same CAT5 UTP cable is used for real-time video, two-way audio, management of PTZ functions and binary I/O alarm triggers.
  • Multicast technology allows limitless numbers of users to access video and audio streams using the same bandwidth as one user.
  • IP-based video removes geographical barriers thus enabling co-ordinated remote monitoring and communication across multiple locations using standard network interfaces including LANs, WANs, wireless networks and internet communication links.
  • Network security: IndigoVision transmitters / receivers have a built-in firewall which can be configured to restrict communication to specific users.
  • Synchronized clocks: use of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) allows for central maintenance and synchronization of real-time clocks inside IndigoVision devices.
  • Web administration: all administrator settings can be configured through a built-in, password-protected web interface.

Activity Controlled Framerate

This is a powerful feature, unique to IndigoVision’s MPEG-4 and H.264 products. When enabled, the unit constantly monitors the amount of motion between frames. When there is no motion in the scene, the frame rate is reduced to one frame per second. When motion occurs, the frame rate is increased to the maximum specified by the user. This can reduce data rates by up to 50-fold, which increases the amount of video which can be stored on an NVR.

Motion Detection

Offers significant reductions in false alarm rates, as it can be configured to ignore environmental light changes, rain and snow, foxes, cats, moving trees and bushes, etc.

  • User-configurable object size
  • Size-based detection
  • Direction-based detection
  • Museum mode

Motion detection is carried out by the IndigoVision transmission unit itself. Sensitivity, region of interest and object size can all be selected using the Motion Detection Configuration web page.

  • Offers motion detection at source, no need to stream until motion is detected.
  • Easy configuration, with a user-friendly web page.

Control Center can display bars on the video showing the current values calculated by the activity and analytics filters running on the transmitter, as well as current alarm thresholds.

Control Center's analytics bars - Click image to see interface in more detail

Analytics Configuration web page

10 Channel Rack

The 10 Channel Rack allows up to 10 analog cameras or 10 analog monitors (or a combination of these) to be connected and accessed by other products in the IndigoVision range. These include Control Center, the Windows Network Video Recorder software (NVR) and the Standalone NVR. This modular software can be added at any stage during the system's lifetime.

Starting from just one rack assembly, the 10 Channel Rack can scale from an entry level solution right up to accepting hundreds of cameras. In addition, other functionality can be integrated at any time. These extra functions include PTZ, audio, event and video management.

  • Future proof: upgrade existing analog systems and infrastructure to an IP-based solution. You can then add other modular IP-based products and services, thus protecting current and future investment.
  • Ease of installation and configuration: each IndigoVision Rack is shipped in a 2U 19" rack format and includes setup software.
  • Individual cards: the Rack's backplane design allows each video transmitter/receiver to be hot-swapped. This makes service, maintenance and capacity upgrades easier.
  • Additional systems: the Rack is fully interoperable with IndigoVision's other market-leading products.
  • Interface to existing equipment: the programmable serial channels and binary I/O interfaces can be used to monitor and control third party products including PTZ, multiplexor and matrix systems.
  • Ultimate solution: contains transmitter, receiver and configuration software. Supports industry standards: PAL/NTSC video input or output together with bi-directional full duplex audio, alarm (binary I/O) and RS232/RS422 serial comms.
  • Unique application for each video stream: each of the ten channels housed within the Rack can be customized. Bandwidth, frame rate and video quality can be individually tailored to meet your needs.
  • Product Dimensions: 483(l) x 218(w) x 88(d) mm, 5.5kg fully populated (approx.) (excluding power supply)
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