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IndigoVision IP Cameras

IP Video Solutions

Residential Solutions

Protect Your Home Using the WiLife Home Surveillance System.

Now, any homeowner or renter can enjoy the benefits of a top-of-the-line home surveillance system at a fraction of the cost of other security systems. The features of this home surveillance solution are unmatched in the home security market.

Residential Video Surveillance Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

A Professional CCTV Application with the Power to View, Record, Play Back and Administer Video and Audio Over IP Networks.

8774ipvideo is an Authorized Integrator and Reseller for IndigoVision video to IP products. IndigoVision units convert analog video into IP (Internet Protocol) to allow IP video transport on wired and wireless networks. The IndigoVision products are perfectly suited to the bandwidth limitations in a wireless network. While other brands say they can limit bandwidth, our tests have shown their actual bandwidth used far exceeds their settings!

Enterprise Video Surveillance Solutions

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