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IndigoVision IP Cameras


8774ipVideo | Mobilcomm partners with resellers by providing Plug-n-Play IP Video & Alarm solutions from IndigoVision, specializing in wireless IP Video integration while offering partners complete system design and support. 

We offer recurring revenue to ISPs & WISPs through Eaton HOMEheartbeat™ Home & Small Business Security/Awareness solutions.

IndigoVision IP Video & Alarm Solutions

Scalable IP Video & Alarm Solutions used at the last 3 Olympic Games!

IndigoVision’s world class-leading H.264 and MPEG-4 compression/bandwidth limiting technology delivers the  highest quality video over Wireless Networks by reducing bandwidth peaks and storage needs. Their Virtual Matrix  allows unprecedented scalability that can span cities, countries and continents in a single security system. With over 100,000 units in the field worldwide, IndigoVision is a market  leader in IP security technology with a pedigree stretching back more than 10 years.

Alarm & Access Control Integration

IndigoVision provides the perfect migration path for both large-scale and smaller security management applications, whether complete IP-based systems or hybrid analog/digital camera solutions. IndigoVision’s SDK allows  third party access control or alarm management system to be integrated.  The distributed architecture ensures there is no single point of failure. Recording redundancy is an integral part of the system, allowing complete security of critical data.

Find out more about our IndigoVision products or contact Greg Conrad at 877.447.8433

HOMEheartbeat Recurring Revenue Solutions from SeeYourPlace.com, LLC

Do It Yourself Home & Small Business Security/Awareness Monitoring

Increase your monthly recurring revenue with Home & Small Business Security/Awareness solutions using Zigbee wireless sensors with 3+ year battery life.  Do It Yourself  installation negates the need for a truck roll ensuring a faster ROI over other monitoring products. Our secure web portal logs all activity and provides cell phone/email notifications based on customized schedules.  Help elderly parents stay in in their home longer with norm exception alerts. Monitor vacation or rental properties for water leaks and security.

Find out more about our SeeYourPlace.com products or contact Greg Conrad at 877.447.8433

Reseller Partners

8774ipVideo can partner with your business to resell our products and services . For wireless system design, staging and implementation, contact Greg Conrad at 877.447.8433.

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